Question: What Did Celia Sing To Matt In The House Of The Scorpion Something About The Virgin Mary?


Who is Celia in The House of the Scorpion?

Celia is Matt’s primary caretaker and a cook in El Patrón’s house. She comes from the same village in Aztán as El Patrón, and therefore was not turned into an eejit when she was caught illegally crossing the border. Celia is deeply religious and loves Matt intensely and selflessly.

What does Celia reveal about using Matt for a transplant?

What does Celia reveal about using Matt as a transplant? What effect does this have on El Patron and Matt? Celia reveals that El Patron cannot use Matt because she has been giving him arsenic (poison). El Patron is furious; he screams and collapses.

What was Celia’s plan to free Matt?

She mistreats Matt by taking away his bed, clothing (except shorts), and waste bucket. He lives in filth and eventually sawdust – which he burrows through and plays in.

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What happened to Matt after visiting the Eejit pens?

Chapter 18 Matt had gone to bed right after returning from his misadventure at the eejit pens. Before Celia rushes Matt outside and a bodyguard herds them to the hospital, she makes him eat something.

Why did Celia poison Matt?

Celia later starts to poison Matt in order to damage his organs just enough to make a transplant impossible. When El Patrón tries to kill Matt, Celia reveals what she’s done. She breaks the news of Tam Lin’s death to Matt.

Is Tom a clone in the House of the Scorpion?

Tom is actually the illegitimate child of Felicia and Mr. MacGregor. Everyone pretends that Tom is the son of Felicia and her husband, Mr. Alacrán, but it’s a lie.

How did Emilia and Maria arrive for Emilia’s wedding?

They came together on a hovercraft, with a cluster of eejits tending to Emilia. 7.

How old is Matt at the end of Chapter 19?

Chapter 19 – Coming – Of – Age Matt’s voice cracks [changes] when singing to El Patron. He is now fourteen years old. Celia and Tam Lin decide to celebrate this.

Why did Matt keep his intelligence?

We learn that Matt was allowed to keep his intelligence, as was El Patron’s other clones, so that his clones could live the child hood El Patron did not have a chance to enjoy. El Patron feels he is “owed” the lives of his siblings who died at a young age; he is the only one of eight to live to adulthood.

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Who does Maria visit to Matt?

She brings Celia to see Matt. He looks at the dove’s feather to make him feel better.

Why did Matt break his window?

Why did Matt break his window? He broke his window so he could save Maria from the chupacabras. Where did they take Matt after he cut his foot on the glass? They took him to their house across the poppy fields.

What was Rosa’s warning to Matt?

Matt is cleaned up by Rosa and warned by her all the important family members and the doctor will be there. She threatens to kill him if he tells anyone how she has treated him.

Why did Tom and Felicia have Matt and Maria meet at the hospital?

Tom led the two of them to a hospital room where they saw a clone, deprived of its intelligence, in considerable pain; the clone was of Mr. MacGregor. It appears that Tom wanted to take Maria there to show her that Matt is similar to this “beast.”

How does Maria plan to sneak Matt onto her father’s hovercraft?

How does Maria plan to help Matt escape? She wants Matt to hide in the secret passages until El Patron dies. She wants Matt to cross into the US. She wants Matt to cross into Aztlan.

Why did Felicia kill furball?

Tom asks her if she saw Matt kill the dog. Felicia admits that she herself killed Furball and blamed Matt, because she was angry with how Matt treated Tom at the birthday party. She poisoned Furball with her own bottle of laudanum.

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