Often asked: Why Does Lily Think That The Figure Is The Virgin Mary?


Why is Lily’s thought about the Black Mary?

Why is Lily’s thought about the black Mary, ” she could straighten you out if necessary,” both wonderful and terrifying? It prevents her from having a mental breakdown about the death of her sister April.

How does Lily feel about her mother?

Lily is very disturbed by the idea that her mother left her behind. Lily says that she hates her mother, which upsets August. She feels very disappointed in her mother and tells August the story of her mother’s death. As their conversation ends, all Lily can think about is how her mother left her behind.

Why do the sisters touch the black Virgin Mary’s heart?

Later that day, the Daughters of Mary—August’s spiritual community—arrive for services. After the story has been told, the Daughters of Mary take turns touching the statue’s painted heart while singing and dancing together. When Lily’s turn comes, however, she feels overwhelmed and blacks out.

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Why does Lily smell every perfume bottle they had?

Lily smells every perfume bottle they had because she remembers the specific scent of her mother, and she wants to find it.

Why can’t Lily and Zach be together?

Zach wants to create a world where it will be okay for a white person and a black person to love each other. Because Zach is African-American and Lilly is Caucasian, their “friendship” and eventually their love is taboo because of the time period.

What does the black Virgin Mary symbolize?

As a statue, the black Mary symbolizes the importance of having faith and believing in something larger than one’s self. The black Mary statue also reinforces the importance of storytelling: before meeting August, Lily learned stories from books.

Who really killed Lily’s mother?

Who really killed Lily’s mother? Deborah Fontanel Owens: the deceased mother of Lily Owens and wife of T. Ray Owens. Deborah died in a gun accident when Lily was 4.

Did Lily really kill her mother?

Likewise, at the end of the novel, readers and Lily learn the truth: Lily did, in fact, kill her mother, although she did it accidentally.

Why did Deborah leave Lily?

Character Analysis Deborah Fontanel Owens Ray Owens because she was pregnant with Lily. Once married, she couldn’t be the mother and wife everyone expected, so she left to go see her old nanny/housekeeper, August Boatright. Deborah had a nervous breakdown, and August helped her get better.

Why did JUNE not marry Neil?

Expert Answers June continues to reject Neil because she was about to marry someone else but was left at the altar. According to May, ” June swore off men and said she would never get married ” (page 152).

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Do Zach and Lily end up together?

Later after the funeral he go see Lily, he was angry after what all of the white man did to him, but Lily said to him he not have to be angry at them, Zach give her his chain and the two teenager’s kiss each other, at the end of the movie him and Lily are now a couple.

Why does Lily jump every time she hears a siren?

Lily still jumps when she hears a siren because she is afraid it is T.

Why does Lily say my skin had never felt so white to me?

Lily says ” my skin had never felt so white to me ” (p. 78) because she had never lived with black people before. The racism is so prevalent in the South that it seems strange to Lily to “eat off their dishes” and lie on “their sheets.” It is obvious she feels like a foreigner.

Why does Lily want to be the last to clean her hands?

Lily want to be the last to clean her hands because she feels like she is wearing magic gloves that can preserve anything she touches.

How did Lily’s mother die?

Lily has a horrific memory that haunts her. Deborah, her mother, died on December 3, 1954, after a heated argument with T. Ray.

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