FAQ: How Does Stephen Feel About The Virgin Mary In Portrait?


What is the role of Virgin Mary as a figure in the process of Stephen’s repentance?

She comes across as an understanding, admirable figure. If Stephen chooses to repent, it will be because of her and his wish to be her “knight.” Soon, the Virgin Mary is as distant a figure as God.

How does Stephen feel about his new life of sin?

Stephen feels weak and numb. He admits to himself the horror of all the sins he has committed, and is amazed that God has not stricken him dead yet.

How does Stephen feel after making his confession?

Often Stephen feels slothful — lethargic, apathetic, and unable to pray. He feels that “a wave of vitality [has passed] out of him,” taking with it his resistance to temptation. Although he knows that he is in danger of “eternal damnation,” a “cold indifference” has seized him and prevents repentance and reparation.

Why does Stephen not want to take communion at Easter?

Stephen’s mother wants him to attend Easter services in the church, but Stephen no longer feels religious faith and does not want to go. Cranly answers that a mother’s love is more important than religious doubts, and advises Stephen to go.

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What according to Father Arnell are the two possible places a soul can go at the time of death?

a statement that presents a given idea in new language. What, according to Father Arnell, are the two possible places a soul can go at the time of death? God will send a soul either to the abode of bliss or to purgatory to wait for the final judgment. People who refuse to live by God’s laws go to hell.

How old is Stephen Dedalus portrait?

This paradoxical legacy is indeed heavy emotional baggage for Stephen, who, at six years old, is sent out to face the world at Clongowes Wood College.

Who is Eileen Why is Dante not fond of her?

Eileen Vance A young girl who lives near Stephen when he is a young boy. When Stephen tells Dante that he wants to marry Eileen, Dante is enraged because Eileen is a Protestant.

What is Stephen’s attitude toward his father on the train?

Stephen grows increasingly alienated from his father, largely because of Mr. Dedalus’s inability to connect with reality. Stephen is bored by his father’s tales of the old days as he rides with him in the train to Cork. He sees how much his father has lost touch with the world: Mr.

What do the sermons do for Stephen?

The sermon leaves Stephen paralyzed with fear, recognizing that hell is his destination. After chapel, he numbly listens to the trivial talk of the other students, who are not as affected by the sermon as he is. In English class, Stephen can think only of his soul.

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Who is cranly?

Like Buck Mulligan, Cranly is based on a real friend from Joyce’s life, John Francis Byrne. Byrne and Joyce shared a close, intimate relationship, though, like Stephen and Cranly, Byrne was more serious and earnest in character than Joyce and more devout in his Catholicism.

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