Readers ask: Where Can I Use Price Chopper Gas Reward In Saint Joseph Mo?


Where can I redeem my Price Chopper gas points?

Step 5: Fuel points can always be redeemed at QuikTrip or Price Chopper fuel stations. Simply swipe your full size REWARDS card at the pump at the beginning of your transaction to use your points.

What can I use my Price Chopper points for?

Points can be redeemed for savings on a future order at any Price Chopper or Market 32 location or for gas savings at participating Sunoco stations, or for more exclusive options online at rewards.

Does Price Chopper still have gas rewards?

Swipe your card at Sunoco stations to redeem for fuel savings. (you’ll receive 5¢ off per gallon* of gas for every $100 you spend on groceries). Redeem your Rewards points for MasterChef Glassware, Dishes, and Serving Boards! Fuel.

Points Food Savings Gas Savings (per gallon*)
400 $4 off 20¢ off
500 $5 off 25¢ off
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Do you need a card to shop Price Chopper?

The program is simple. You first need a Price Chopper REWARDS Card, which you can sign up for at any local Price Chopper store – just go to Customer Service. Once you have a card, just swipe your card at checkout.

Which gas station has the best rewards program?

Best gas station rewards programs

  • BPme Rewards. Best for savings at BP and Amoco stations.
  • Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Best for savings at Exxon Mobil stations.
  • Shell Fuel Rewards. Best for multiple earning opportunities.
  • Circle K Easy Rewards. Best for simplicity.
  • Speedway Speedy Rewards. Best for flexibility.

What gas stations participate in Stop and Shop Gas Rewards?

Yes, your points can still be redeemed at Stop & Shop ® gas stations and participating Shell gas stations. Every 100 points can be redeemed for a discount of 10¢ per gallon (maximum of $1.50 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons).

How much cash back can you get at Price Chopper?

Cash Back may not exceed $30 per check or $60 in a 6 day period.

How do I redeem my advantage card points?

The easiest way to use your points is by spending them in the shop. When you are paying at the checkout you just need to tell the cashier that you’d like to pay with your points. For keen online shoppers, you can spend your points on by selecting the Boots Advantage Card icon once you checkout.

How long do Advantage card points last?

Boots Advantage Card points won’t expire unless you haven’t used your account for 2 years.

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Do Price Chopper points expire?

(Each pump at the fuel stations has specific instructions on how to swipe your Chopper Shopper REWARDS Card. See the pumps for details.) REWARDS points expire 60 days from the date they are issued. REWARDS have no cash value and no change will be given for reward redemption.

Where are Price Chopper stores located?

Price Chopper operates 131 stores in Upstate New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

How do I replace my Price Chopper AdvantEdge card?

Please Call us at 1-800-666-7667 option 1” to replace your AdvantEdge card.

How do I get a Hannaford card?

Physical gift cards can be purchased at any Hannaford store location and at all independently owned stores that carry Hannaford products. Physical gift cards can also be purchased on this page.

What’s the difference between market 32 and Price Chopper?

Market 32 will build upon today’s Price Chopper, but will incorporate a new display and layout into stores, bring in a variety of products, and emphasize customer service, Golub said. Price Chopper, based in Schenectady, N.Y., operates in 135 locations throughout six states in the northeast.

Does Price Chopper have an app?

IPhone and Android users who download the app and register get cash back once they upload a photo of their receipts.

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