How Far Is Saint Joseph Kansas From Kansas City?


How far is it from Kansas City to St Joe Missouri?

The distance between Kansas City and Saint Joseph is 49 miles.

Why is Kansas City split between two states?

City founders derived the name from the Kansas, or Kaw, River which was named for the Kansa Indians. The state of Missouri then incorporated the area as the City of Kansas in 1853 and renamed it Kansas City in 1889. This area became part of the Kansas Territory in 1854.

Where is St Joseph Missouri from St Louis Missouri?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 260.98 mi 420.01 km
Driving distance 302 mi 486.50 km

What is the closest city to St Joseph Missouri?

Cities near Saint Joseph, Missouri:

  • Atchison, KS.
  • Leavenworth, KS.
  • Lansing, KS.
  • Maryville, MO.
  • Gladstone, MO.
  • Liberty, MO.
  • Excelsior Springs, MO.
  • Kansas City, KS.

How far is St Joseph Missouri from Springfield Missouri?

There are 195.74 miles from Springfield to Saint Joseph in northwest direction and 221 miles (355.67 kilometers) by car, following the MO 13 N route. Springfield and Saint Joseph are 3 hours 32 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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How far is Gladstone MO from St Joseph MO?

There are 41.94 miles from Gladstone to Saint Joseph in northwest direction and 51 miles (82.08 kilometers) by car, following the I-29 N and US-71 N route. Gladstone and Saint Joseph are 50 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How far apart are the two Kansas Cities?

(However, they are very close together — about five miles apart.) Oddly enough, and it sounds counterintuitive, the Kansas City in Missouri was founded before the Kansas City in Kansas.

Are the Chiefs from Kansas or Missouri?

Kansas City Chiefs, American professional gridiron football team that is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and plays in the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL).

Is it better to live in Kansas City Missouri or Kansas?

In terms of quality of life, a U.S. News and World Report report ranked Kansas and Missouri towards the top. Missouri ranked one spot higher, with its best ranking factors being social support, community engagement and pollution health risk.

How far is it from St Louis to St Joseph Missouri?

The distance between St Louis and Saint Joseph is 263 miles. The road distance is 307.2 miles.

What towns are near St Joseph Michigan?

Local towns near Saint Joseph, MI

  • Benton Harbor, MI.
  • Higman Park, MI.
  • Fair Plain, MI.
  • Vineland, MI.
  • Shoreham, MI.
  • Benton Heights, MI.
  • Mizpah Park, MI.
  • Glen Lord, MI.

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