FAQ: How Are The Cabins At Port Saint Joseph State Park?


Is Port St Joe a good place to live?

Although it is a small town, it is a very nice place to raise kids, start a family, and start a small business. The energy there is very great, and with it only having one school, Port St. Joe High, is very well known for its Football team who has won many state titles.

Are Cape San Blas beaches open?

Nearly equal parts pristine beaches, a bay with abundant sea life and a laid-back lifestyle, Cape San Blas is truly a vacation paradise. The gem of Cape San Blas is T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. The park is open for day passes only at this time.

Are beaches open in Port St Joe FL?

Joseph Bay beach and the immediate Gulf beach, is open for day use. There is limited parking space during busy times. The hurricane created a breach that connected the Gulf to the Bay, severing the park just north of the boat ramp in Eagle Harbor.

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Does Port St Joe have a beach?

Joe Beach and WindMark Beach is often called “The Beaches ” and is the perfect place for a quick trip out to white sand beaches from Port St. Joe, just 10 minutes away. The shoreline faces west for spectacular sunsets and is home to many vacation homes and pet-friendly beaches.

Does Port St Joe have clear water?

Joe Bay, also called St. Joseph Bay, is unusual in that it is not fed significantly by a river. This means that the waters of the bay are clear and beautiful during most of the year.

How Safe Is Port St Joe Florida?

Port St. Joe has an overall crime rate of 13 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Port St. Joe is 1 in 76.

Does Cape San Blas have clear water?

Scalloping: August is scallop season along the gulf, and Cape San Blas, Florida is a great place to hunt for them. During our trip, we found a few, and lots of other sea life in the clear, blue-green waters.

Is Cape San Blas nice?

Cape San Blas is between Port St. Joe & Apalachicola, and, in our humble opinion, the best of the best! Cape San Blas, FL consistently ranks in the top 10 BEST BEACHES in the USA–ranking #1 in 2002 and regularly ranked the best pet-friendly beach.

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Is Cape San Blas crowded?

The beaches of Cape San Blas aren’t just breathtakingly beautiful — they are perfectly suited for a fun day with loved ones. There’s no need to worry about the crowds that pervade some Florida beaches; in Cape San Blas, you’ll have huge stretches of sand to yourself.

Is Port St Joe a good beach?

Besides the sheltered waters of the bay, ideal for fishing and boating, the region offers some wonderful sugar-sand beaches along its outer Gulf of Mexico shore. Here are our candidates for the best destinations for a beach day in Port St. Joe’s sand-and-surf neighborhood!

Has Port St Joe recovered from Hurricane Michael?

Joe, homes, businesses and vacation rentals were damaged. Most businesses in Port St. Joe are locally owned and have returned, Kristy says, noting restaurants emptied their freezers and fed the community while they restored their buildings. Vacation rentals are 70% back in service, and the town offers two hotels.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Port St Joe Florida?

Joe Beach. On all beaches (with the exception of St. Joseph Peninsula State Park), pets on a leash are more than welcome to take their owners for walks and enjoy the calm water.

What is the water like in Port St Joe?

The water seems to really be brackish on the Port St Joe side of the cape. So, when I read about St Josephs Peninsula State Park and how clear and beautiful the water is at the Park, we took a trip. It took us about 15-20 min to get there, and we did about 10:30 Am. The sand is beautiful.

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How far is Apalachicola from the beach?

When it comes to Florida’s barrier islands, you’ll find few with better natural beaches than St. George, just 20 minutes from Apalachicola. Its beach, ranked among the best in the world, extends for nine miles with the eastern five miles accessible only by foot or bike.

Are there beaches in Apalachicola?

Beaches. Cape San Blas, or just ‘the Cape’ as the locals call it, has 17 miles of pristine and uncrowded white sand beaches that stretch along the Apalachicola peninsula. A 20-minute drive from downtown Apalachicola on the ocean-skimming Big Bend Scenic Byway Coastal Trail delivers you to St. George Island.

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